Pallet blanks


First grade (pallet raw material): OF NATURAL HUMIDITY



item No.


Allowances (mm)

Softwood and hardwood


Pallet raw material

22 х 98 х 1200 mm

22(-0/+2) х 98(-0/+3) х 1200(-2/+1) mm


Pallet raw material

22 х 98 х 1000 mm

22(-0/+2) х 98(-0/+3) х 1000(-2/+1) mm


Pallet raw material

22 х 98 х 800 mm

22(-0/+2) х 98(-0/+3) х 800(-2/+1) mm


Pallet raw material

22 х 143 х 1200 mm

22(-0/+2) х 143(-0/+2) х 1200(-2/+1) mm


Pallet raw material

22 х 143 х 800 mm

22(-0/+2) х 143(-0/+2) х 800(-2/+1) mm


Board 22 х 98 mm and 22 х 143 mm, of length divisible by standards.

For example: 2.40 m. 3.60 m. 4.80 m, etc. with allowance at least 50 mm, we accept by deducting 200 rubl. for cross-cutting per 1 cubic m.


Pallet raw material must be of a regular geometry, without obvious distortions or bending.


Strictly CIRCULAR SAWING or DRESSED, faced from both sides at the right angle.


The price of lumber of transport humidity (22%) is discussed individually.



- half-width wane  through the thickness,  across the width, one-sided without bark.


Not allowed:

- intergrown knots larger than 1/3 of the width of the board are not allowed;

- shakes damaging the integrity of the raw material or significantly reducing its strength;

- outfallen and tobacco knots are not allowed;

- dirt: covered with soil, sand;

- fungal stains, chemical stains are not allowed;

- beetle damages are not allowed;

- breakouts, hollow imprints, butt damages, raised grain of timber, gashes are allowed with a maximum depth of 0.5 mm;

- rot, mould, blue inclusions, bluestain;

- full-width wane, through cracks, fringe.


Packaging: All lumber should be laid in bundles and tightly bound with a metal or polypropylene tape ensuring optimal loading and unloading of curtain-sided trucks from both sides, moreover, lumber should be packaged considering the possibility to unload it using forklift truck with carrying capacity up to 2 tons. Stickers in winter time are placed after every 5 rows (two stickers for the entire length of the raw material); after every second row during the period when the temperature is above + 10 degrees.


Specifications for pallet blanks 2nd and 3rd grades are considered separately.