Sawn softwood

Contact information:

tel. +7 926 312 75 23



Products: Softwood edged timber


Species: Spruce, Pine.


Lumber must only be made from live wood.


State standard GOST: 8486-86

GRADE: 1-2

Humidity: natural


Main dimensions:



Parameter tolerance:

- width and thickness tolerance – 2 + 3 mm, precisely from saw size

- length tolerance:  + 50 - 60mm precisely


Name of defects

Grade 1-2


not allowed


not allowed


not allowed

Wane edge

not allowed

Dead knots

not allowed

Loose knots

no more than 10 mm in diameter

Damage by insects

not allowed


not allowed

Cut area

not allowed

Curved saw surface

not allowed

Intergrown, healthy knots

not limited


not allowed

bending throughout the length

shall not exceed 10mm



Composition of the lot to be delivered:

6.000mm long products – at least 75% of the lot.



Products should be packed in transport packets of the same size, strapped by a tape

During the period from May to October each row of timber should be placed on stickers (at least 6mm thick), or should be treated with preservatives.


Timber of each package shall have:

- the same species

- length

- thickness

- width


Acceptance of the material shall be carried out by sorting the entire lot aimed at checking its compliance to the above-mentioned technical specifications within 5 business days. The material which fails to comply with the requirements shall be separated, stored for no more than 10 business days and returned to the supplier at his expense.


Necessary scope of delivery:

– 300-500 cubic m/month.